Scot Eberle

Chief Executive Officer

Scot Eberle brings 30 years of business experience, including extensive success in the telecommunications arena, to his role as President of the Fiberutilities Group. A tested leader of successful teams, Mr. Eberle has held a variety of executive level positions within the communications industry with MCI Communications, McLeodUSA, 3M and Lanier. Mr. Eberle has served on the Board of Directors and as Co-Chairman for leading technology organizations and endeavors. He is routinely retained as an expert in the field of emerging technology, with television presentations and other public appearances dealing with the future of technology.

Lee Seydel

Chief Technology Officer

Lee Seydel brings over 30 years of innovative network and technology management experience to Fiberutilities Group. Mr. Seydel has extensive software development experience and extensive network deployment experience with leading companies such as Texas Instruments, Xerox, DSC, MCI and McLeodUSA. He has been responsible for the construction, installation, and operation of thousands of miles of network in the central United States. He has served as Director of Intelligent Distributed Network Architecture for MCI, as Vice President of Network Services for McLeodUSA, and as CTO for Fiberutilities Group, LLC.

David Lunemann

Vice President, Client Services

Dave has been with the company since its founding in 2004 filling numerous marketing, project planning, and customer support roles. Through the evolution of its healthcare and government business units, Dave has been in a senior leadership role defining client needs and delivering results. Prior to Fiberutilities Group Dave has held a variety of executive management positions within the communications industry including Group Vice President of Sales and Marketing for McLeodUSA. Spanning a 38-year career in business, he has demonstrated a successful track record leading effective “customer centric” organizations focused on meeting client expectations.

Kent Van Metre

Vice President, Client Services

Kent Van Metre is a communications professional with more than 20 years of management experience in the communications industry spanning the wireless, data, CLEC, interconnect and cable television sectors. Mr. Van Metre's marketing experience includes positions as Director of Marketing for the Western United States for Sprint Cellular and as Director of Marketing for advanced telecommunications services for McLeodUSA. Mr. Van Metre served as Iowa General Manager for Sprint and for Inter-Tel Technologies, GM and Director of Market Operations of Ohio with 360° Com. and as Vice President and General Manager for McLeodUSA.

Gerald Horst

Vice President, Client Services

Gerald Horst has been providing information technology and communications infrastructure expertise for more than 20 years. He has broad experience in deploying and managing telecom operational support systems (OSS), business support systems (BSS), and outside plant GIS engineering systems. As one of the key operational partners, Mr. Horst manages numerous facets of network design, management and operations at the Fiberutilities Group including outside plant, NOC and network architecture services.

Rob Smith

Vice President, Client Services

Rob Smith has over 25 years of entrepreneurial, marketing and business operations experience in the telecommunications and information technology industries. Mr. Smith's experience includes management and operations in local telephone service, long distance telephone service, data networking and facilities, wireless telephone service, cable television and telephone directory publishing. Prior to employment at Fiberutilities Group, Mr. Smith served as chief operating officer of a quadruple play, independent local exchange carrier.

The Advisory Panel

Clark McLeod and H. Brian Thompson

The members of the Fiberutilities Group Advisory Board bring together exceptional track records of success within their respective fields. We are fortunate to have expert leadership in the areas of management, finance, operations, legal counsel, technology, and regulation. This team brings CEO level experience to Fiberutilities Group.

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