Fiberutilities Group is a professional technology management firm. Our focus is in developing strategic, long-term network solutions for our clients. We help our clients leverage the right network technology as a means of defining the way they do business. Sometimes that involves upgrading existing network technologies. Sometimes it involves the development of an entirely new network. Fiberutilities Group is unique because we aren't traditional business consultants, nor are we solely a technology firm.


A partnership with Fiberutilities Group begins with a thorough analysis of a client's business. Our expert team with experience in the fields of telecommunications, networking, data management, business development and, finance analyzes each client's business and determines the appropriate long-term network strategy.


Fiberutilities Group has the expertise to develop your strategic network plan. Our strategic plans are customized according to each of our client's particular needs and circumstances, and represent controlled, cost-effective, and appropriately staged "roadmaps" for action.


Building your network consists of implementing the plan we develop. Network creation may include purchasing resources, constructing infrastructure or incorporating carrier circuits. We manage all steps including acquisition, construction, installation, configuration, testing, and final "turn-up" of your network.


Selecting Fiberutilities Group allows you to capitalize on all of the benefits of your network without being required to conduct network operation activities. We complete all network changes and updates, execute work orders, manage troubleshooting, manage service vendors, and plan for the long-term future of the network for our clients.