Services Overview

Fiberutilities Group serves a wide range of organizations across the United States. Our clients are from both the public and private enterprise communities, searching for ways to improve the efficiency and reliability of their communications infrastructure. Fiberutilities Group specializes in assisting clients to invest in the infrastructure that will help them achieve their organization's strategic goals.


We have built specialized practices around helping clients in the healthcare, education, and financial sectors meet the specific communication challenges of their industries. We also focus on securing alternative funding solutions for clients who would otherwise be unable to finance their network development.

Custom Solutions

We are business professionals who understand how to leverage technology as a competitive advantage. We are accountable for our results - our clients make the decision to hire us at each stage of the network development process. Every network solution we prepare is tailored to a specific client, simply because every client is unique.

  • Enterprise
    A complete, client-specific analysis of long-term network strategy.
  • Specializations
    FG specializes in practices in fields such as healthcare, education, and finance.
  • Network Financing
    FG has developed a successful practice assisting clients in funding their long-term network strategies.